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The Site Has Moved

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Hello everyone,

My website has now moved to You can find interviews, reviews, excerpts and free reads on new and established authors.

The Man with Two Hearts Review

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Score: 3.00 / 5


Luke is a very quiet person and likes things simple. Many times throughout his

life he's questioned what could have been if he did things differently with the

only two women he's ever truly loved - his mother's best friend and his

brother's wife. Now, because of the decisions he made in his past, he's with

neither of them. But that's about to change when not one, but both these women

come back into his life again. Can he find it within himself to make things

right again and in the process pick the one woman he'd like to spend the rest of

his life with?

I found this to be a crazy story at times and I thought Luke's situations were a

little farfetched for my taste. He deserved to be happy and he needed to step up

and make some serious decisions with which woman he wanted to be with the rest

of his life. He had a lot of time to make up for to correct his past mistakes

and I hoped in the end he didn't do any more damage to anyone of them involved.

Overall, I thought this was a good read.


Happy Reading,

Tammie King

Director of Marketing

WEtap Media, LLC

Interview with Author Mysti Parker

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I am being interview by author Mysti Parker this evening. Stop by at her blog and join us. I would love to hear your thoughts.


Under The Midnight Sky Out Now!

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Under The Midnight Sky Out Now!

Available On Kindle U.S


Available On Kindle U.K

Under The Midnight Sky in top 100 for suspense/thriller on Kindle U.K

Arthur was once a great swordsman with the world at his feet, but a single defeat has cost him his arm and left him a self-hating and paranoid old man. With debts mounting and no income Arthur is offered a deal that looks too tempting to turn down, but there is a catch. He will be given a new start in exchange for handing his wife over to the men that control the town. Clarissa has stood by her husband’s side through the good times and the very hard times, but his self-destructive lifestyle has driven her into the arms of another man. Angel is a wanted by the law and has a desperate lifestyle that is always on the run, but this time he wants Clarissa to go with him. Clarissa is a woman with two hearts. She is torn between a broken man that she once loved and a man that lights up the darkness of her world, but either choice she makes will change her life forever.

Under The Midnight Sky Excerpt

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Under The Midnight Sky Excerpt

‘God damn it,’ Arthur cursed at the world in general.


The tips of his fingers fumbled with the cord around his waist. It was practically impossible to tie it around him with only one hand. ‘No,’ he snapped angrily, as the front of his gown fell open to reveal his little round tummy. He had just about managed to keep both sides of the robes in place by pinning them to his body with his forearm. It had been a mistake to remove his trousers, but a getting into a robe was no easier. A cloud of depression seemed to rumble overhead, as he looked down at his stomach. It had once been a rippling mass of muscles. He had trained so hard that his body truly had become a temple, but now he was a podgy old man that couldn’t even dress himself.


‘Are you okay?’ asked Clarissa from the doorway.


He couldn’t even bring himself to look at her.


It was simply too embarrassing.


He had once been a feared warrior and now he was as weak as a child.


Clarissa walked into the bedroom, but instinctively Arthur tried to walk away. This wasn’t something he meant to do. It seemed natural these days. Whenever the woman of his dreams got to close he attempted to place a certain amount of distance between them. Nevertheless she hurried forward and quickly stepped in front of him.


‘Stop trying to get away from me,’ she told him.


‘I-I...’ he stuttered nervously, but decided to stop what he was saying.


He turned his eyes up towards hers.


Clarissa smiled the most heart warming smile. He could see through the windows of her soul that all she wanted to do was help him, but it wasn’t that easy. How could he go from being someone so powerful to someone so weak? This wasn’t him. This wasn’t in his nature. He quickly turned his eyes back towards the floor.


‘I have made you some breakfast,’ she slowly stepped closer towards him.


Arthur swallowed down the lump in his throat.


She had entered his personal space.


How long had it been since he had been this close to her?


‘It is your favourite.’


He glanced nervously back up towards her. Her eyes were filled with love.


Suddenly he was aware of her fingertips stroking across his stomach. Arthur unconsciously looked down at her soft delicate hand. It was travelling south. His heart was practically in his mouth. Butterflies fluttered wildly in his stomach. His entire mind and consciousness was drawn to the tingling sensation of her fingertips moving downwards across his stomach.

Disappointment stuck like a thunderbolt.


Clarissa pulled both sides of the robes together and tied the cord around his mid-section. She looked up with a satisfied, job done, type of smile.


‘Thank you,’ said Arthur.


‘Let’s run away,’ Clarissa suddenly blurted out.


Where had that come from?


‘What do you mean?’


‘I want us to run away from here. Let’s leave this place behind and start a new life someplace else. We have done it before. We owe more money than we can get our hands on. Let’s run away whilst we still can. We will be happy as long as we have each other, right?’


‘We can’t do that again,’ replied Arthur.


‘But if we don’t repay the money we owe then god knows what will happen to us. If we run now they will never find us. It will be just you and me.’ She reached up and gently cupped his face within the palms of her hands. ‘All I need to be happy is you to love me.’ She smiled.


A sickening thought tugged at Arthur’s stomach.


Could he love her anymore?


Did he love her anymore?


If he did he would have turned down the deal last night. Instead he had spent most of the night thinking about it. He couldn’t believe it himself, but he was actually considering the deal. He was going to let the Demon Brother’s have Clarissa in exchange for clearing the debt.


‘No matter where we go it will be the same. I cannot work. No one will hire a one armed man. I have enemies all over the country that would love to take my head in revenge to the people I have cut down in my time. We are safe here. I like it here. This is a good place to live.’


‘But the debt...’


He waved his good hand in the air to silence her.


‘I have a way of clearing the debt once and for all.’


‘You do?’ she looked slightly puzzled.




Her smile was so wide that it was practically consuming her entire face. ‘That is amazing news,’ she pulled his head down towards her and leaned in to kiss him. Arthur found himself tensing up at the feel of her lips pressing softly against his. It was a bad sign that a kiss from his wife felt so foreign. Perhaps he didn’t love her anymore. Clarissa pulled back from the kiss and danced backwards out of the bedroom. ‘I am so happy, Arthur. Come and eat your breakfast.’


‘Okay....’ he sighed.


She was only happy because she didn’t know how they were going to clear the debt.



Under The Midnight Sky Blurb & Teaser Trailer

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Under The Midnight Sky Blurb


Arthur was once a great swordsman with the world at his feet, but a single defeat has cost him his arm and left him a self-hating and paranoid old man. With debts mounting and no income Arthur is offered a deal that looks too tempting to turn down, but there is a catch. He will be given a new start in exchange for handing his wife over to the men that control the town. Clarissa has stood by her husband’s side through the good times and the very hard times, but his self-destructive lifestyle has driven her into the arms of another man. Angel is a wanted by the law and has a desperate lifestyle that is always on the run, but this time he wants Clarissa to go with him. Clarissa is a woman with two hearts. She is torn between a broken man that she once loved and a man that lights up the darkness of her world, but either choice she makes will change her life forever.


Under The Midnight Sky Teaser Trailer


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Under The Midnight Sky Front Cover

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I am happy to release the front cover of my next book, Under The Midnight Sky. It will be released on March 1st. This is the first look at the book. I hope you enjoy.


Explicit Excerpt 18+: The Man with Two Hearts

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The Man with Two Hearts Excerpt

You Can Find The Man With Two Hearts Here



I passed Jennifer on the couch and turned at the kitchen counter, which was the only thing that separated the living room from the kitchen. “Do you want another cup of coffee?” I switched on the kettle.


“No, thank you,” muttered Jennifer. She was now sprawled out on the black leather couch. “I think I might just close my eyes for ten minutes.” She hardly managed to finish the sentence before she drifted off into the world of sleep. A moment later, my bedroom door opened with a quiet click and a red faced Meredith stepped out. I couldn’t help but smile, as she attempted to avoid eye contact with me. She entered the kitchen and instantly began work on cleaning up the dirty plates that had piled up in the kitchen sink throughout the day.


“How are you feeling?” I whispered into her ear. Meredith moved from the sink to kitchen counter that separated the two rooms and furiously wiped away at the coffee stains. My eyes fell on Jennifer just five feet away from us in the living room. She was still fast asleep on the black leather couch. It felt like the most natural thing in the world to do, as I hugged Meredith gently from behind. She instantly stopped cleaning the kitchen counter and fell into the hug.

“That was embarrassing,” she whispered back. “But…” Her ocean blue eyes looked back over her shoulder at me and a smile split her soft red lips. “Your book is just so dirty. I couldn’t help myself,” she admitted.


“I’m glad you liked it.” I stroked the hair away from the back of her neck. “It’s just a shame you didn’t get to finish what you started.” I kissed her softly on the side of the neck. Meredith leaned into the kiss.


“We can’t,” gasped Meredith. I slowly lifted the back of her black skirt.


“And why can’t we?” The tips of my fingers began the slow journey up along the inside of her smooth thigh.


“Jennifer is sleeping right there. If she opens her eyes she’ll see us.” Meredith’s mouth said one thing, but her body said another, as she spread her legs.


“You’ll just have to make sure you don’t make a single sound.” Meredith let out a sweet sigh as the tip of my finger glided across the slit of her pussy. “You are soaking wet.” I grinned.


“It was your book,” Meredith admitted. She had to bite her bottom lip, as I forced two stiff fingers inside of her. Her pussy was so wet that my long fingers just slipped straight inside. Unconsciously I reached around with my free hand and cupped her large firm breast within my palm. A strong hand squeezed her juicy breast, as my fingers began to slide back and fourth between her lips.


Meredith must have already been close when I interrupted her in my bedroom. I could feel her hips already starting to squirm and her legs were beginning to quake. A faint sigh escaped her mouth, as I plunged my finger into her body as deep as she could take me. The lips of her soaking wet pussy tightened their grip on my fingers. In fact, her entire body seemed to be tensing up with each hard thrust of my stiff fingers inside of her. Meredith started breathing heavily through her nose. She had locked her mouth shut in an attempt to contain the screams she wanted to cry out, but the pleasing whimpers were a clear sign that this angel of beauty would not be able to stay silent for too long.


Several pleasing minutes rolled by.


My eyes fell on Jennifer sleeping on the black leather couch. All she had to do was open her eyes and this game would then be over. It was a fact not lost on Meredith. She was trying her best to remain silent. Suddenly Meredith exhaled all the air from her lungs out through her nose, as all the muscles in her body locked. I could feel her pussy choking my fingers, as an overwhelming sensation of pleasure ignited like a fireball within her body. The sight of her hips squirming uncontrollably was sending waves of pressure down between my legs. I could feel myself growing hard.


My fingers disappeared back inside her body.


A strong hand forced her body down against the kitchen counter, as I pumped my fingers forcefully into her tender pussy. Her body jolted wildly and her mouth dropped open but no sound came out. Ocean blue eyes filled with desperation and fear looked back at me over her shoulder, as my fingers were rammed faster and harder into her pussy. Meredith so badly wanted to scream out. She wanted to release the howl that lurked deep down within her stomach, but if she did Jennifer would wake. Her legs began to grow weak, as her hips tried to squirm away from the insane levels of pleasure exploding between her legs. Her face was contorted into a mask of absolute pleasure and painful agony, as the orgasm started to become too much for her body to take. Her body jolted wildly, as her fingernails scratched at the kitchen counter. I pulled my fingers from her pussy and instantly Meredith slid off the kitchen counter and dropped onto her ass on the kitchen floor. “Luke,” she moaned softly. Her hands cradled her soaking wet pussy. It was impossible to take my eyes off her writhing in unfathomable levels of pleasure on the kitchen floor.


“You say something?” asked Jennifer rubbing her eyes.


“No…” I looked down at Meredith cupping her pussy. “I didn’t say anything at all.”


“Oh, okay.” With that Jennifer drifted back into the land of sleep.


“Oh, fuck,” panted Meredith. I couldn’t help but smile. “That was fucking amazing.”

3000 Downloads & Up 80,000 On Kindle. Thank You!

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This has been a very surprising week. The Man with Two Hearts is finally out, which I am so very happy about. I have had over 500 hits to all my videos on youtube in the passed seven days. My erotic romance novella, Before The Dawn, has now passed the 3000 download mark, but more so than anything the bigest surprise has to be the sudden attention that my gothic erotic novella, Bitch, is getting. It leapt an amazing 80,000 places on and has climbed to its highest ever ranking. I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone who is supporting the books. It really does mean a lot to me.


Thank You


Have You Ever Loved More Than One Person?

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Have you ever loved more than one person?

Luke lives an uncomplicated and quiet life, but from time to time he asks. What could have happened if he had been brave enough to take a chance on one of the only two women he ever loved? Letting them both slip away is a regret that he holds to this day, but sometimes the answer to the question is not always the one you expected. Luke’s life is thrown upside down when both women return to him, but which one will he choose and which one will end up with a broken heart? Will it be his best friend’s mother or his brother’s wife? And just how long can he keep both relationships a secret?



Available Now!



The Man with Two Hearts Excerpt


I sat at the coffee table in the centre of the living room with my laptop set up before me. Work on my latest novel had not been going as smoothly as I would have liked. It was the sequel to my first published novel, but the female lead was becoming somewhat of a difficult character to describe. I just couldn’t decide what I wanted her to look like. I wanted to create a woman that represented beauty in its natural form. That thought brought the image of Nina before my mind’s eye. My brother’s wife was indeed a rare beauty capable of rivalling any woman that ever existed for the title of universe’s most fantastic creation. I still couldn’t believe that I had kissed her. It made me wonder how far we would have actually gone had I taken Nina up on her offer and gone inside. Would I have made love to my brother’s wife?


I turned my attention towards the beautiful red head dusting the bookshelf on the other side of the living room. I couldn’t help but stare at her firm juicy ass. The tight dress left nothing to the imagination. My eyes mapped out the back of her smooth elegant legs all the way from her knees to her ankles. Everything about this woman was beyond perfect. How I wished to see more of her body. I looked back at the screen of my laptop. How in the blue hell was I still struggling to describe a sexy female lead character when two of the hottest women in the world were my best friends? My eyes turned back towards Meredith. The older woman greeted me with a sweet smile, as she approached the coffee table. I found myself unconsciously licking my lips, as she bent down to stack the pile of magazines. The front of her dress had momentarily fallen open, which gave me a perfect view of those perfectly sculpted breasts. Meredith looked up at me and smiled slyly.


“Enjoying the view?” she asked.


I couldn’t help but smile in return. “Yes. Do you mind staying like that for a while?” Meredith let out a laugh and returned to her duties of tidying up. I looked back at the computer screen and let out a frustrated sigh. I needed a drink. Picking myself up off the couch I headed into the kitchen and popped open the fridge door. A bottle of wine was chilling nicely in the bottom compartment. I quickly grabbed a pair of tall wine glasses from one of the cabinets and headed back into the living room. “Meredith.” She stopped what she was doing and glanced at the bottle of wine I held in the air. “Will you join me?” I asked.


“I still have so much work to do.” She gestured with a wave of her hand towards the not as messy apartment. If I was to give the current state of the apartment a score out of ten. I would say it was now about a six. She had somehow worked a miracle on the place in the short amount of time she had been here.


“You’ve been working all night. Why don’t you take a break?” She went to protest but I quickly added, “Please,” and gave her my best puppy dog eye impersonation.


“Okay,” she said and nodded in defeat.


I opened the wine bottle and began to pour the chilled contents into the two tall wine glasses sitting on the coffee table. Meredith sat back on the black leather couch beside me and I couldn’t help but watch as she slowly crossed one elegant leg over the other. She could even manage to make sitting down seem sexy. I placed the bottle on the table and handed her a glass of wine. “Thank you” she replied and then followed up with. “What are you working on?”


“It is a sequel to a novel I had published” I admitted.


“What are you writing about these days?” asked Meredith.


“I am currently writing erotic romance…” She nearly choked on her wine, which in turn made me laugh. “Does that surprise you?” I asked.


She regarded me for a long moment. “No, not really.” She smiled. “You should let me read it.”

“Do you like reading erotic novels?” I asked with a sly smile.


“I like anything that get’s me nice and wet…” It was my turn to choke on the wine and her turn to laugh. “Does that surprise you?”


I regarded her firm large breasts for a moment. “No, not at all.”


Meredith took a sip from her wine glass and asked, “Is it nearly finished?”


“Not really,” I admitted. “I’ve been having problems with one of the main characters.”


“Is it a male or a female character?” Meredith asked.


“I cannot decide how to describe the sexy female lead,” I replied.


Meredith chuckled to herself. “Why don’t you just describe me as the sexy female lead character?”


“That’s a good idea,” I replied.


“I was joking, Luke.” She waved her hand through the air. “No one will buy this book if the main character is an ugly old lady”


I turned my attention to the laptop and began to hack away on the keypad. I glanced towards Meredith and looked her up and down in a slow careful manner. “I couldn’t believe what I was seeing,” I said as I typed. “The woman was the single most beautiful creation in the whole of existence.” Meredith smiled. “With a smile that held the power to break a million men’s hearts…” She unconsciously bit her lip. “She had the brightest blue eyes a man could ever hope to lose himself in.” Meredith’s breathing began to grow deeper, as she stared intently at me. “Her long fiery red hair flowed across her beautiful swan like neck.” My eyes fell upon her chest. “Her breasts appeared to be sculpted by the gods themselves and something deep within my unconscious mind cried out for me to tear open her dress and put them in my mouth.” Meredith swallowed down the lump in her throat. “Her black dress hung down to her knees shielding her smooth kissable thighs from my vision.”


“Wow,” muttered Meredith. “Is that how you really see me?”


“It is,” I nodded in reply.